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BSQL Hacker: A Powerful Tool for Automated SQL Injection

BSQL Hacker: A Powerful Tool for Automated SQL Injection

SQL injection is a common web application attack that exploits the vulnerability of poorly coded SQL queries. By injecting malicious syntax into the queries, an attacker can gain unauthorized access to the database, steal sensitive data, execute commands, or cause damage. SQL injection can affect virtually any database that uses SQL as the language for interaction.

BSQL Hacker Download Automated SQL Injection Tool

However, not all SQL injection attacks are easy to perform or detect. Some databases have mechanisms to prevent or obscure the error messages that indicate a successful injection. In such cases, an attacker may need to use a technique called blind SQL injection, which relies on subtle changes in the response time or content to infer information from the database. Blind SQL injection can be very time-consuming and tedious to perform manually.

That's where BSQL Hacker comes in handy. BSQL Hacker is an automated SQL injection tool that can exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities in virtually any database. It supports four different types of SQL injection: blind, time-based blind, deep blind (based on advanced time delays), and error-based. It can also automate most of the new SQL injection methods that rely on blind SQL injection.

BSQL Hacker has an easy mode SQL injection wizard that guides the user through the steps of finding and exploiting a SQL injection vulnerability. It also has an automated attack mode that can dump the whole database schema and data for the following DBMS: MS-SQL Server, ORACLE, and MySQL (experimental). BSQL Hacker can also load and save templates and attack files, allowing users to share and update SQL injection exploits via an exploit repository.

BSQL Hacker has both a console and a GUI interface, and supports various connection features such as proxy, SSL, NTLM, basic auth, custom headers, cookies, etc. It also has advanced configuration options and supports RegEx signatures for identifying true and false responses.

BSQL Hacker is an open source tool that can be downloaded from GitHub[^1^] or Darknet[^2^]. It is designed for experienced users as well as beginners who want to automate SQL injections (especially blind SQL injections). However, it should be used only for ethical purposes and with permission from the target website.

How to Use BSQL Hacker

To use BSQL Hacker, you need to download and install it from the official sources. You can choose between a console or a GUI interface, depending on your preference. The GUI interface has an easy mode SQL injection wizard that can guide you through the steps of finding and exploiting a SQL injection vulnerability. The console interface has more options and flexibility for advanced users.

The basic steps of using BSQL Hacker are as follows:

  • Enter the target URL and select the injection point (query string, post, cookie, or header).

  • Test the injection by sending a request and analyzing the response. BSQL Hacker will try to detect the type of SQL injection and the database server.

  • Select the attack mode (blind, time-based blind, deep blind, or error-based) and configure the settings such as delay, timeout, threads, etc.

  • Start the attack and wait for the results. BSQL Hacker will try to extract information from the database such as version, user, tables, columns, data, etc.

  • Save the results or export them to XML format.

You can also load and save templates and attack files that contain predefined settings and exploits for specific websites or databases. You can also update and share these files via an exploit repository that works like Metasploit.

BSQL Hacker is a powerful tool for automated SQL injection that can save you a lot of time and effort. However, it is not a magic bullet that can hack any website with a single click. You still need to have some knowledge of SQL injection techniques and how to bypass security mechanisms such as firewalls, WAFs, CSRF tokens, etc. You also need to be careful not to cause any damage or harm to the target website or database. e0e6b7cb5c


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