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Julian Hughes
Julian Hughes

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it's this kind of technology that makes cameleon 5000 the ideal 'architectural' synth for both professionals and amateurs.the program has a straightforward interface and workflow, which means that it's possible to bring your creative ideas to life quickly. the free demo version has almost all of the features of the full program, including the simplest presets, the eight k5000 templates, and the four more sophisticated ones. the sampled sounds are good, but the key to cameleon's appeal is the way it handles its sources, and the way the k5000 templates are designed.virtuoso is a very accomplished instrument for programming, so it's easy to envisage it being used for high-end stage work. but it can also be used as a rather unpretentious little drum machine for making simple beats. there are only eight of them, but they're easy to use and sound good. and, because they don't need a whole lot of tweaking, they can be used as a template to make other k5000 presets. they're also highly musical, both in terms of their pitch and timbre, and they can be used to make a wide variety of sounds. virtuoso is, in short, an effective little performer.the k5000 sounds are good, too. they're powerful and articulate, but there's a lot of information packed into a small number of parameters. they can be used to make simple drum patterns, but they're also capable of producing a wide range of sounds, from simple presets to full-blown synthesized instruments. the soft synths also come with a set of random presets. there are four of these, but they sound good. the biggest question mark is whether cameleon 5000 is just a massive time-saver or whether it makes any compromises in the way it programs, and how these compromises are perceived.

Camel Audio Camelphat Vst V3 42 Incl Keygen-air


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