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Pillars.Of.Eternity.RE.Update.1.03 Hotfix.and.Kickstarter-GOG |TOP| Free Download

Nowadays, Ultima 4 can be downloaded for free on, but that was not always the case. Long before this came to pass, the game was offered for free on several of the older Ultima Dragon websites. This is considered legal because of permission that Origin gave to UDIC in the 90s.

Pillars.Of.Eternity.RE.Update.1.03 Hotfix.and.Kickstarter-GOG free download

Download File:

Classic Ultima Online is once again available to play, thanks to server hosting by David Baity of Please visit the download page for the RUM Portal utility used to download, update, and launch the game.The CUO client requires an official installation of Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar, so be sure to get your free copy from

It's official... the big news of pretty much the century became known to the Ultima community yesterday. EA is making several of its good old titles available via, starting with Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper and Ultima Underworld 1+2 in anticipation of "more than 25" other titles. GOG even went down for a bit due to heavy traffic at launch time. In addition to this, an official Ultima Forever website has been launched, offering a free download of Ultima 4. Let's just say that... I never thought I'd live to see this day.

If you want to mirror this 375MB download, please feel free to do so and post the link in our forums so we can update this news article with your mirror. At the moment, here is/are the only location(s) from which you can download M4 are :


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