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Rein Shroud (レインシュラウド, Rein Shuraudo?) is the main protagonist of Beast Tamer series. He is a beast tamer who was kicked out of the Hero's Party because of his incapability of battling by himself. Not having remorse for leaving the party, Rein decided to become an adventurer and explore the world without any restrictions. On his registration test, he met Kanade, a member of Cat Tribe, which is one of the strongest races.

Wild Tamer v2.17 –

Rein is a tall, well-built, and cool-looking man. He has messy, ash grey hair along a black mesh with bangs in front of his forehead and blue (green in manga and anime) eyes. In light novels, he wears a half black and half grey shirt with folded sleeves, a brown belt around his waist, which has a pouch for his ammunition or certain items, light black pants with the grey blazer tied around his waist and a pair of leather boots. He is equipped with a body leather armor on his left side and full leather armor on his legs whereas in the manga, he wears a white shirt and light green pants. He wears Narukami on his right hand which allows him to set ambushes that make it a standard weapon for Rein as a beast tamer. After the incident with Horizon's Lord, he keeps Kamui on his lower back.

Whenever possible, he doesn't just sit back and passively wait for trouble to come to him. He will preemptively target and eliminate any possible evil-doer the first chance he gets. Case in point, in episode 2, he rescues a merchant from some bandits and the merchant points out the bandit gang is likely to come for vengeance. In response, he tracks down their headquarters and completely crushes the gang. Then when Edgar Fromage comes at him in town, corrupt knights in tow, he doesn't just fight off the knights and rescue the hostages, he systematically takes Edgar's power structure apart and goes after him, raiding his dungeons to free his victims and gain as many allies as possible. As a beast tamer, he has already shown to defy the logic of the class. Rein himself seems oblivious to his own increased aptitude until Kanade points it out, and what's known of his past suggests his now-destroyed hometown was home to Beast Tamers of similar ability to his own.

Rein is not a greedy person shown as he has no concerns about failing quests as long as his friends and companions are safe and as a beast tamer, he loves animals very much. So, if any harm happens to them, like for hornwolves, he shows extreme anger. He also comes to hate adventurers like Kreutz and Oag who have no pride and think only of making money. He became apathetic towards them mentioning they're not even worth remembering. He can even become cold towards those who harm animals, feeling no remorse for taming a bear for injuring the poachers. Due to this surprising side of Rein, his contractuals nicknamed him a "demon".[9]

Rein was born in a village where special Beast Tamers gather. His parents were beast tamers. Ever since childhood, he has loved playing with animals and birds, so he decided to become a beast tamer like his parents.

As time passed, the hero and his members started being crueler. overly arrogant and ultimately kicked him out of the party, beginning to accuse him of being worthless. Rein then decided to become an adventurer. He took the registration test on killing 10 goblins. He then finds someone's scream, running worriedly and only to find that a Killer Tiger cornering "someone". He decides to act on his knife to attack it, but its skin is so hard that the knife shatters. Then, he was saved by Kanade, who came from Cat Spirit Tribe. Upon befriending him, Kanade asks Rein to tame her, and Rein does so, much to his astonishment and surprise. Since then, he has become incredibly strong because he gains traits of the ultimate species he formed contracts with. Even with his newfound power, he remains humble, and grateful to the numerous girls he contracts with. He literally becomes the hero he wishes he could be, having the strength to actually fight dangerous monsters, people and demons. The first people in the Hero Party to realize that Rein is actually a rarity among beast tamers, are ironically the girls, while the men remain oblivious to Rein's newfound strength.

In the city on the horizon, Rein starts thinking about what he should do now. While he was still thinking, some children came to him and asked whether he completed the job or not. Then they asked him to do the usual thing and Rein happily accepts to do so. Rein sees an eagle flying and makes a temporary contract with it. He orders the eagle to say hello to the children which made the children very happy and decided to let the eagle go. The children tell Rein they'll become beast tamer just like him rather than being a hero. When Rein inquires about this, they say the other party members always look annoying but Rein is different and always plays with them. At this, he remembers the people's annoying behavior whenever he talks about the hero party. Thinking for a while, he decides to become an adventurer.

At the Adventurers Guild, Rein gives his name for registration as an adventurer. He asks the guild receptionist, Natalie Brough to tell him about the adventurers' system. She gives him the essential knowledge and asks his class. Upon hearing beast tamer as his class, she becomes anxious which made Rein remember what Leanne had told him before but Rein says he'll be fine. He was then told to kill ten goblins as a registration test. Using a squirrel, he tracked the goblins and starts to attack them. He killed them off and collects the magic stones. He then hears someone's scream only to find out a girl is being cornered by a Killer Tiger. He decides to act on his knife to attack it, but its skin is so hard that the knife brokes up. As the killer tiger cornered him, he witnessed the girl jumps at a very high speed and slams the tiger. Rein sees that the girl is from the Cat Tribe were said to endangered species. The girl fell down and Rein asks whether she is okay or not. She says she is hungry. After Rein gives him some food, she gives him thanks and introduces herself Kanade. While they start talking about themselves, Rein told her about his banishment which made Kanade angry with the hero. This made Rein happy as she was angry with him and give her a pat on her head and she happily enjoyed it. She then asks Rein to tame her. At first, Rein wonders if it is possible to do so but feels that he wants to know Kanade better and give it a try which turned out to be a success.

Rein got promoted to Rank E as he defeated the bandits' gang with his direction. Some days later, Rein took an investigating quest on the watchdog of Stride Bride. Rein with Kanade reached the bridge and a witness a red dragon coming to them at full speed. who later introduces herself Tania and happens to practice on the bridge. Tania challenges them and easily overpowers them. Rein decides to fight as a beast tamer and deploys some ravens on Tania which paralyzed her. Which Tania accepts in the end. Finding Rein interesting, Tania becomes his second contractual. On a quest, Rein got stabbed due to Tania's carelessness. Later, Rein comforted her not to worry about it. Rein would later tell them about his past and how met the hero party.

Rein decides to gear up with equipment and goes to Gantz Storf's store. Gantz approved of him after Rein shows his keen interest and tells him that he'll make a custom weapon for him. But before that, Gantz had to require a special material, Mithril. Rein took this as a quest and goes to the mine as directed by Gantz. Noticing there are some smugglers, Rein makes a plan and sabotaged them. Rein fights with a beast tamer who raised a monster since it was a baby. The beast tamer ordered the monster to attack but Rein overwrite the contract for a while then with no choice left but to kill the monster. Later, Sora and Luna ask to pat their heads as a reward which makes Tania and Kanade jealous. The next day, Rein along with Sora and Luna strolls around the city. While sightseeing the shops and places, they got confronted by the son of the lord of the horizon, Edgar Fromware. Edgar tells Sora and Luna to become his which disgusted both of them. Rein fronts up and asks him to leave. At this, Edgar uses violence but Rein who discovers his new powers gained from Sora and Luna defeats the soldiers instantly. Edgar runs while swearing to kill Rein. Meanwhile, Rein discusses the incident and starts collecting information. They go to the headquarters of The Knights. When they inquired about Edgar's misdoings, the knights became suspicious of them. Rein decides to leave. Wondering what do to next, they meet the vice-captain of the knights, Stella Enplace. She tells them she also wants to stop Edgar and they made an alliance. After collecting enough information, Rein gave the plan of sabotaging the veteran knights at the warehouse first, then raiding the lord's mansion. They successfully sabotage the knights with the help of Rein's taming ability.

Some days later, as the Iris' matter was over, The Shrouds returned to their normal lives. Rein wakes up to find that Tania caught a high fever and took care of her until she recovered. After her recovery, Rein and others decide to take a quest only to have Tania taken into custody by The Knights under false accusations that "a dragon is on ramage". Rein decides to investigate and went to the mountains where the dragon was last seen. He set up a honey trap and captured a dragon that happens from Tania's village and there's another dragon going wild in Horizon. As Tania was conditionally freed due to the outside commotion, she fought the dragon and was battered badly. As soon as Rein and others reached at the scene, witnessing Tania getting hurt, he became enraged and furiously defeated the dragon and was even about to kill it but thanks to Tania, he came to his senses.

Rein met Tania when he took a quest to investigate Stride Bridge, who happens to engage in mock battles which branded her as a rogue. Tania challenges them to a battle by feeling a strong presence in Rein and Kanade. She estimated Rein as a top-notch adventurer who makes her more fired up. Even though it was a 2v1 battle, Tania easily overpowers them. As the offensive was not a good choice, Rein decided to fight like a beast tamer. While he got sent flying, he sensed the presence of Pito and used it to paralyze her. She was left with no choice but to give up, only to get asked to come to the city by Rein. She thought he would sell her somewhere, but he refused and says he just wanted to talk and to promise not to pick up fights. She accepts this and later decides to join their party, thinking it would help her in her training, and also reveals her interest in Rein. Tania asks him to make a contract with her since, according to her, it is natural to do so. Rein tames her making her his second contractual.


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