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What You Need to Know About Elizabeth Ekadashi: Plot, Cast, Reviews and Awards

Elizabeth Ekadashi: A Marathi Family Drama Film


Have you ever watched a Marathi film that made you laugh, cry and think at the same time? If not, then you should definitely check out Elizabeth Ekadashi, a family drama film that was released in 2014. The film is directed and co-written by Paresh Mokashi, who also made the acclaimed film Harishchandrachi Factory. The film stars Shrirang Mahajan, Sayali Bhandarkavathekar, Nandita Dhuri, Pushkar Lonarkar and Vanmala Kinikar in the lead roles.

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The film is set in Pandharpur, a pilgrim town in Maharashtra, where Dnyanesh and Mukta live with their mother and grandmother. Dnyanesh is a smart and curious boy who loves science and astronomy. He also loves his bicycle Elizabeth, which was gifted to him by his father before he died. Mukta is his younger sister who is sweet and supportive. Their mother works hard to make ends meet and their grandmother is a devout follower of Lord Vitthal.

The film follows their adventures and challenges during the festival of Ashadhi, when thousands of devotees flock to Pandharpur to worship Lord Vitthal. The film is a heartwarming and humorous story of love, faith and friendship.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Dnyanesh receiving his bicycle Elizabeth from his father, who tells him that it is a special gift from England. Dnyanesh is overjoyed and names it after Queen Elizabeth. He also makes a telescope with his father's help and dreams of becoming an astronomer.

A few years later, Dnyanesh's father passes away due to illness and he takes up the responsibility of supporting his mother. He wants to open a shop with his friends but his mother refuses and tells him to focus on his studies. He also has to deal with a bully named Namdev who tries to steal his bicycle.

On the eve of Ashadhi, Dnyanesh's mother decides to sell Elizabeth to a pawnbroker to pay off some debts. Dnyanesh is heartbroken and begs her not to do so. He also tries to stop Namdev from buying it but fails. He then hatches a plan with his friends to get it back by sneaking into the pawnbroker's shop at night.

However, things go wrong when they are caught by the police and taken to the station. They manage to escape with the help of Mukta and their grandmother, who pretends to be crazy. They then run towards the temple of Lord Vitthal, where they hope to find Elizabeth among the thousands of bicycles parked outside.

Will they be able to find Elizabeth before it is too late? Will they be able to overcome their troubles with faith and courage? Will they be able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations? Watch the film to find out!

Themes and Messages

Elizabeth Ekadashi is not just a simple comedy film but also a profound exploration of various themes and messages. Some of them are:

  • Family: The film shows how Dnyanesh and Mukta love and care for their mother and grandmother despite their hardships. They also respect their father's memory and legacy. The film also shows how their mother sacrifices her happiness for their well-being.

  • Friendship: The film shows how Dnyanesh has a loyal group of friends who support him in his endeavors. They also share his passion for science and adventure. They stand by him in his difficult times and help him get back his bicycle.

  • Faith: The film shows how Dnyanesh's grandmother has a strong faith in Lord Vitthal and believes that he will help them in their troubles. She also teaches Dnyanesh and Mukta about the importance of Ekadashi, which is a day of fasting and devotion. The film also shows how Dnyanesh's faith in himself and his dreams helps him overcome his obstacles.

  • Culture: The film shows how Pandharpur is a rich cultural hub where people from different backgrounds come together to celebrate Ashadhi. The film also showcases the traditions, rituals, songs, dances and stories associated with Lord Vitthal.

  • Dreams: The film shows how Dnyanesh has a big dream of becoming an astronomer and exploring the stars. He also wants to open a shop with his friends where they can sell scientific gadgets. The film also shows how Mukta has a talent for singing and wants to become a singer.

Reception and Reviews

Elizabeth Ekadashi was well received by critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its simple yet engaging story, its realistic yet charming characters, its witty yet meaningful dialogues, its colorful yet authentic visuals, its lively yet soulful music, its humorous yet touching moments, its educational yet entertaining content, its cultural yet universal appeal.

The film was rated 8.3 out of 10 on IMDb , which is one of the highest ratings for a Marathi film on that platform. It was also rated 8.5 out of 10 on OTTplay , which is an online platform for streaming movies.

The film won several awards and nominations at various festivals and events. Some of them are:





National Film Awards

Best Children's Film



Filmfare Awards Marathi

Best Film (Critics)



Filmfare Awards Marathi

Best Director

Paresh Mokashi


Filmfare Awards Marathi

Best Screenplay

Madhugandha Kulkarni & Paresh Mokashi


Filmfare Awards Marathi

Best Child Artist (Male)

Shrirang Mahajan & Pushkar Lonarkar


Filmfare Awards Marathi

Best Child Artist (Female)

Sayali Bhandarkavathekar & Chaitanya Kulkarni


Zee Gaurav Puraskar

Best Film (Jury)



Zee Gaurav Puraskar

Best Director (Jury)

Paresh Mokashi



In conclusion, Elizabeth Ekadashi is a must-watch film for anyone who loves family drama, comedy and adventure. The film is a perfect blend of entertainment and education, as it showcases the culture and traditions of Pandharpur, the science and astronomy of Dnyanesh, and the faith and devotion of his grandmother. The film also has a strong message of love, friendship and courage that can inspire anyone to overcome their challenges and pursue their dreams.

If you are looking for a film that can make you laugh, cry and think at the same time, then you should definitely watch Elizabeth Ekadashi. You can watch it online on ZEE5 or Vi Movies and TV. You will not regret it!

Have you watched Elizabeth Ekadashi? What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Where can I watch Elizabeth Ekadashi online?

You can watch Elizabeth Ekadashi online on ZEE5 or Vi Movies and TV. Both platforms offer free streaming for their subscribers.

Who is the director and writer of Elizabeth Ekadashi?

The director and co-writer of Elizabeth Ekadashi is Paresh Mokashi, who also made the acclaimed film Harishchandrachi Factory. The other co-writer is Madhugandha Kulkarni, who is also the producer and wife of Paresh Mokashi.

What is the meaning of Ekadashi in Hinduism?

Ekadashi is a Sanskrit word that means "eleventh". It refers to the eleventh lunar day of each fortnight in the Hindu calendar. It is considered a sacred day for fasting and worshiping Lord Vishnu or his incarnations.

Is Elizabeth Ekadashi based on a true story?

No, Elizabeth Ekadashi is not based on a true story. It is a fictional story that was inspired by the childhood experiences of Madhugandha Kulkarni, who spent her childhood in Pandharpur where the film is shot.

What is the significance of the bicycle Elizabeth in the film?

The bicycle Elizabeth is a symbol of Dnyanesh's love for his father, his passion for science and his dream of becoming an astronomer. It is also a symbol of his courage, determination and faith in himself and his friends.


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