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Consumer Awareness Project For Class 11th Pdf Download !!INSTALL!!

Changing habits about food waste is challenging. Consumers are usually not aware of their role in food-waste production, similarly to their awareness of their role in maintaining food safety [33]. In both areas, they often blame food-industry and hospitality units for foodborne illnesses and high amounts of food waste. However, the highest ratio of occurrence of diseases and proportion of wasted food is linked to household practices [34,35,36]. According to Skuland et al. (2020) [37], ignorance of the expiration date of perishable products, inadequate treatment of spoiled food, and irresponsible handling of leftover meals in order to avoid food waste are among the most common food-safety problems at a consumer level. As Watson and Meah (2012) identified [38], household budget, ethical issues and sustainability issues are often more important to consumers than minimizing food-safety risks.

consumer awareness project for class 11th pdf download

As presented in Table 2, proper handling of reusable bags, their regular sanitization and avoiding risky foods (e.g., unpackaged meat, chicken, dairy products, eggs) to be put into them, is essential to maintaining food safety. Concerning unlabeled foods, raising consumer awareness about traceability within the household (for instance, keeping track of the expiry date) is a key message to communicate, as well as providing good storage practices.


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