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John Diaz

Honda Cbr 35kw To Cc _HOT_

rectifier's a problem/fitted 1 from an R1 as honda ones are bad,and got manual camchain tensioner fitted,for the hassle ive had i might have been better gatting a yamaha thundercat, have owned a R1 5pw previously and it never let me down, bought the honda to commute, so hopefully it will be more reliable

honda cbr 35kw to cc

Had the bike only a few months now. i brought a 2000 cbr 600f for 1800 Pounds. it has full service history and its in excellent condition. i was fortunate enough to be able to spend a bit more than average for a cbr of this age and reason being the massive amount of upgrades it has and work that has been done. heated grips, real carbon front and rear guards, fully adjustable levers. uprated cam chaon tensioner, full upgrade exhaust system, upgraded double bubble, blah blah you get the picture. a great great bike.i cant comment too much on reliability. my bike has 16k miles and im very comfortable knowing they clear 50k on a regular basis with no big issues so the honda reliability is proven. the handling is great. my tyres are not the best and probably are due replacement if im honest with myself but the bike still handles stunning in the dry. i do lose a bit of balls in the wet with these tyres tho.the engine is lively. my bike has excellent pick up. could do with a hint more torque down low but typical 600 is lively up top. my bike has a full beowolf system and pipercross filter and it sounds stunning.brakes are good but my bike has braded lines front and back and ive just changed the discs and brakes so i expect it to brake a little sharper than it does but im still bedding the pads in so im not grabbing them by the horns yet.this bike gave me my first real wheelie! I opened it up and i didnt even realise i was doing a wheelie until the feont touched down and it made complete sense to me why the front felt light. yes it wasnt a big wheelie but i cleared the ground for a few seconds and it was a brilliant feeling. ove been riding for 4 years and had a yamaha xj600 before this and yeh it was heavy and boring but reliable.great great bike. i cant even imagine upgrading it ever right now its truely making me very happy.

As my first big bike i couldn't of made a better choice to start with, it's comfy and easy to ride like a tourer but get the tacho needle up above 8-9 thousand rpm and you'll be able to keep up with it's rivals i.e. the R6, ZX6R and the GSXR600. Althought it is extremely easy to handle i would recommend a steering damper if you live in a village surounded by pot hole covered roads because as soon as you hit the power band you get some god aweful steering wobbles but the damper accompanied with a good set of tires and there shouldn't be anything in the way of giving you a superb ride and because it's honda the bike should be able to keep it's performance long after any of it's rivals!

The good: great ride, fast, responsive, turns like its on tracks. The bad: 1 cam chain tensioner at 3500 miles. complete engine rebuild at 4000 miles. apparently this is a design flaw that honda have known about since last year but have not done anything about it anyway. 


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