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Ezra Cook
Ezra Cook

Cisco Cucm 9.1 Iso Download

sir, thanks to you that i completed the installation of cucm on vmware. I would be obliged if you help me resolve this problem. I have created a cluster consisting of a publisher and a subscriber along with tftp. I have enabled the publisher to act like subscriber to register ip phones and i want the ip phone to be registered on the subscriber by default. But the problem is that they are getting registered on the publisher and not on the subscriber. How can I troubleshoot this?

cisco cucm 9.1 iso download

Download Zip:

RSA keys are used to sign Cisco Unified Communications Manager releases and other updates such as Phone Firmware, Locales, Dialplans, other cop files. This cop can be installed on any UCM or see README for versions needing this cop.ciscocm.version3-keys.cop.sgnand put it in your SFTP Folder and Upload to your CUCM 8.6Fill the SFTP InformationChoose the RSA Key 350c69d7ab


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