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Buy Mi Moneda Coins

Mi Moneda, 'My Coin' in Spanish, is a fashionable and luxurious brand inspired by vintage coins and combines high style jewellery with ancient spiritual ideas. The unique interchangeable pendant, designed to change coins and chains, makes it possible to create a new, personal necklace for every occasion.

buy mi moneda coins

Mi Moneda started 5 years ago in the Netherlands, when 2 designers turned their mutual love for coins into an interchangeable jewelry concept. In ancient times, coins were used as amulets, made to wear close to the heart and with a special meaning. They were designed in all kinds of jewelry. Jewelry with symbols of love, hope, & strength & with beautiful designs to resemble an inner belief and a view of life.

Mi Moneda Jewellery - The luxurious Mi Moneda jewellery brand is inspired by 'vintage coins.' In Egypt, coins were used as 'amulets' that people wore close to their hearts for protection. They perceived the coins to have special meaning and the power to protect from danger or harm. Mi Moneda which translates to 'My Coin' in Spain, have used this as inspiration to create a unique combination of fashionable interchangeable jewellery with spiritual meaning. Mi Moneda's fashion forward coins each tell a unique and personal story allowing you to create a stunning personal necklace that has a significant meaning. The collection has grown in popularity and are now adorned by stylist's and celebs all over. So grab yours now!

MI MONEDA gold plated sterling silver interchangeable Cambio necklace with magnetic coin holder includes smoky glass coin. The coins are easily interchageable with other extra small coins to give you a different look with each outfit. 041b061a72


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