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[S2E15] Take Pills

Jenny and Poppernack arrive at the pulled-over truck, with Deputy Miles (Malcolm T. Green) standing outside the truck with Bryce (Travis Hammer). Jenny opens the back and begins to search the boxes of steak. After dumping some on the floor, she finds a concealed compartment with two bags of white pills inside.

[S2E15] Take Pills

I love cats, but mainly because I think they're the most metal animal on the planet. They're indifferent toward everyone and everything, except violence and Temptations treats. Their surliness makes me smile and I'm happy to support it. Lorelai, on the other hand, is clearly in favor of cat torture. Just look at that cat on her shirt. Chances are good that she murdered the person that dressed her up in a crown and diamond necklace moments after that horrible photo was taken.

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:Lorelai is way too involved in the minutiae of Rory's life. She drops everything to search frantically for Dean's missing bracelet (who cares?) and delivers a scathing speech to Jess that is totally weird because she's an adult and should have zero stakes/interest in teen romance drama.

Thoughts:The most notable, "ugh, wtf," moment of this episode is when Lorelai confronts Jess after Rory finds her bracelet. If she really felt the need to say something to someone, she could have mentioned it to Rory. She could have said something like, "Hey Rory, I saw Jess come out of your room minutes before you found the bracelet. FYI, I think he took it to see how long it would take you to notice its absence. He's a manipulative punk and you probably shouldn't trust him." Instead, Lorelai gives a sanctimonious little speech to Jess that makes her look like a fool.

I don't like that Jess found Rory's bracelet and held onto it for two weeks, using the time it took her to notice its absence as a litmus test for her feelings toward Dean. His actions are deceptive and annoying, but not criminal. It's not like Jess stole the bracelet from her room in an attempt to make Dean mad and sabotage their relationship. Lorelai needs to take a chill pill and focus on her own life instead of obsessing over Rory's. She needs to let her daughter act like a teenager, make bad decisions, and figure out her own shit without interfering.

Ren and Jag tell Veer about Dhruv's death, and Veer tells Jag he's not ready to take over the family. He also appoints Travis to be the new Dhruv. As they're talking, Jenny and the police bust in and search the property. However, they soon see the lab has been cleared out.

Only when Paul tells him that this happened on the terrace does he realize that Suzy witnessed the murder. When she tries to attack the doctor, he shoots her with a gigantic syringe, and takes her to the sanitarium that he runs.

Andre sits in his car and takes a few pills before heading into a building. Once inside, he heads to a room where a support group is meeting. Andre finds a seat and listens to Molly Fisk speak, as he stares at the tears rolling down her face. Andre is asked if he wants to speak and he talks about his wife, who he says died of bone cancer. After the meeting, Andre and Molly talk. After a few minutes, Molly says she has to get going. Andre offers to give her a ride home even though they just met, but because Molly thinks he will have trouble sleeping because he misses his wife, she says she wouldn't mind talking longer.

The backstory: The "morning-after pill" is an overdose of regular birth-control hormones that must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Medical experts say it should be standard care for rape victims, who have about a 5 percent chance of pregnancy.

After visiting several doctors who quickly rule out allergies or a panic attack, the patient is referred to Dr. House where Cameron does the intake examination. The couple admits they were engaged in sex play at the time of the attack.

Foreman thinks it might be neck trauma, but there is no sign of it. Cameron says the patient and his wife are very open about their lives, but House is doubtful and automatically assumes they are miserable - he bets $100, and Cameron takes the bet. They continue the differential. House tells them to make sure that the patients lungs are all right.

It has been four months since the big break-up, and it seems that Maggie and Gary are playing a game of relationship chicken. Neither party will take a step to recouple even though all signs point to a love connection and the possibility that they can recapture what they had. Instead, they are learning to navigate the friend zone.

The second storyline involves one of Derek's pregnant patients, Jen Harmon, who has an aneurysm in her brain. Following a mistake in surgery, Addison diagnoses mother and baby with Mirror Syndrome (the mother is suffering from the same disease the baby is suffering from) and both work to correct the problem.

Coming off the heels of the successful February 2009 crossover, a further crossover was planned for the start of the 2009-2010 television season. This was the first crossover to take a more patient-centered approach as the crossover followed the attempts of Miranda Bailey's patient Sarah to receive a kidney transplant. The crossover began in the Grey's Anatomy episode "Invasion" where Bailey organized a kidney transplant for Sarah, only for Izzie Stevens to incorrectly read her chart and give her to the wrong medication making her transplant impossible. Bailey then headed to Los Angeles with Sarah, where her sister and a possible donor, lived and Addison and the Oceanside Wellness Group helped Bailey find her a transplant while, in Seattle, the ramifications of Izzie's mistake led to her being fired.

Later realizing he has made a mistake, Lexie suggests that Mark take Sloan to L.A. for Addison to do the surgery there, and Mark agrees. After Mark says that Sloan may live with him after the baby is born, he and Lexie break up, as she cannot deal with being a grandmother yet. Mark asks Lexie not to make him choose between her and Sloan, because Sloan will win, so he and Lexie break up.

In the second part of the crossover, Mark takes Sloan to the Oceanside Wellness Group, so that Addison can perform the operation she was supposed to do in Seattle. Within minutes of arriving, Mark gets Addison naked, and they 'do the McNasty' in Addison's office. Addison performs the surgery successfully. Mark deliberates staying in L.A. to work with Addison, Sam, Naomi and the others, but in the end Addison convinces him not to, because he still loves Lexie.

When looking at scans of the brain surgery patient's head, Cristina refuses to give any ideas about how to approach it, leading Amelia to believing that she is an incapable surgeon, saying, "why don't we just shoot the guy now?" which Derek takes immediate offense to, saying, "don't talk about shooting people in this hospital." Amelia wants to scrub in, and Cristina is more than willing to let her, but Derek won't let it happen and demands that Cristina book an O.R., which she does, but unwillingly.

Derek then explains to Meredith how Amelia was a drug addict, and how she stole his prescription pad to write herself a prescription for pain pills before crashing his car and overdosing, forcing him to save her. As Derek and Amelia are scrubbing in for the surgery, Amelia confronts Derek about how he won't talk about his own shooting or her father's, which happened when she was 5. Cristina shows up to the surgery late and Derek relents, allowing Amelia to scrub in.

Derek continues to try to push Cristina to help out with the surgery, but in the end gives up as she refuses to help out, allowing Amelia to step in. After the surgery, Cristina asks, "can I go now then?" and Derek allows it. Amelia calls Cristina "a dud," and Derek gets angry and kicks her out after saying that Cristina saved his life and he owes her "everything." He then brings Cristina to a cadaver and walks her back through the process of how she operated on him. He forces her to take a scalpel and do it again. She hesitates, then makes the first cut. He asks what happened next and she continues the process, slowly regaining confidence.

Derek and Amelia successfully pulled off the procedure and this strengthened their bond. Amelia and Derek talked about Amelia's addiction after the surgery, with him offering to fly to LA every time she started craving some pills to knock some sense into her. She on the other hand felt more for remembering the successful procedure they just did and thereby having saved Erica's life.

South Park is steadily the best place for satire on television because the writers take aim at a specific news story, TV show, trend, or movie, and then push it to some extremely bizarre place that is completely unexpected. A known anti-Semite like Mel Gibson making Passion of the Christ is a joke that writes itself, but having him run around, throwing feces in full Braveheart make-up is some absurdity that only South Park would attempt.

Cartman takes a guilt-ridden and ready to confess Kyle on a quiet boat ride into the mist, and as Kyle spills his guts, Cartman prepares to spill his brains with the use of a whiffle bat. Not as effective as what Al Neri used on Fredo, but it might have eventually got the job done. A nice parody of Nino Rota is also here.

A not too overly complicated take on the 2004 dance film, You Got Served, which basically sees the boys trying to form a five-person dance crew to take on some Orange Country kids. This episode is one big attack on the needlessness of a movie like this, while mountains are made out of molehills such as auditions, dance styles, team members, and the trauma from the past that keeps these people from dancing (such as Butters last attempt at tap dancing leaving eleven people dead).

In recent years, South Park has taken it upon themselves to do at least one two or three-parter every season. The whole Coon/Mysterion saga is one of their better efforts with the format, assumedly because they have such a deep well to pull from with The Dark Knight trilogy as well as Watchmen depicting corrupt superhero worlds. 041b061a72


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