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Joel Bernard
Joel Bernard

John Cena has officially retired from wrestling and announced that the next WrestleMania will be his last

The former wrestler and actor thanked his fans before urging other wrestlers in the series to hurry up and get some.

John Cena offered a heartfelt speech of gratitude to his wrestling fans Saturday night as he announced his retirement from the ring, declaring next year’s WWE WrestleMania his final one.

Cena addressed a crowd in Toronto, and it was clear they didn't want him to go. Fans booed as the wrestler-turned-actor told them of his "official retirement," which includes a farewell tour next year.

"The 2025 Royal Rumble will be my last," Cena said. "The 2025 Escape Room will be my last. I'm here tonight to announce that the 2025 WrestleMania in Las Vegas will be my last."

At the end of his six-minute-plus speech, the crowd began chanting "Thank you, Cena." He called it "an incredible act of kindness."

"Thank you so much for letting me play in the house that you've spent so many years building," Cena said. "Thank you for your voice, because it's really loud, and thank you for your honesty, because it's beautiful and brutal."

Cena is a 16-time WWE champion over the course of nearly 20 years with the wrestling franchise. In that time, he has also transitioned into Hollywood, starring in films such as “Barbie” and “Argylle” and making multiple appearances in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

But even with his acting success, Cena has always kept up with his wrestling career and persona. The star tried to address why he was choosing now to step aside, referencing the WWE “Money in the Bank” event where he was speaking.

“Why now? Because it’s money in the bank, the ultimate symbol of opportunity,” Cena said. “And this farewell does not end tonight — it is filled with opportunities.”

He went on to note that WWE’s “RAW” Monday-night fights are moving to Netflix, making history for the franchise. And Cena will celebrate his many “lasts” along with these “firsts.”

Cena also seemed to tease eye-catching fights, calling out to WWE superstars. He told them, “If you want some, hurry up and come get some.”

“Because the last time is now,” Cena said.

In a post-show press conference, Cena said he will stick around WWE, and WrestleMania will not be his final fight. He said his farewell tour will hopefully include dozens of dates between January and December 2025, with his final in-ring fight at the end.

Cena told reporters that he proposed a plan that would keep him around the franchise in different capacities, even though he won’t be competing.

“I’ve always said to the audience that WWE is my home and I love it,” Cena said. “Just because I physically feel I’m at my end, doesn’t mean I need to distance myself from something I love.”


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