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Alien Shooter 2 New Era

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Alien Shooter 2 New Era

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Alien Shooter is an isometric, top-down shooter video game developed and released by Sigma Team, a Russian games development studio. Released on May 18, 2003, it was initially available on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android. The game's conclusion was realized in two expansion packs, both consisting of five-levels and released in 2014: Fight for Life, released on June 14, and The Experiment, released on September 22.

Alien Shooter is presented in a top-down, third-person view (3/4 perspective), and takes place across nine levels of increasing difficulty. The main objective of each level is to eliminate all the aliens. To do so, players must access all of the areas that the level has to offer (by completing tasks such as reactivating power generators, destroying walls, and disabling force fields, etc.) and removing the alien threats within. Later levels feature teleportation devices, which spawn enemies indefinitely, and can only be destroyed by special explosives scattered throughout the level.

Once exterminated, alien enemies drop loot consisting of money, health, ammo, and other items. Between levels, players can purchase upgraded, more powerful weapons in the shop, along with permanent stat upgrades. Temporary upgrades can also be purchased, including "Lives", Body Armor, Attack Drone, etc. Most items in the shop can also be found scattered throughout the levels.[3]

In the early year 2030, the scientist from M.A.G.M.A Energy Corporation creating the bio engineering creatures by mixing both dna animals and an alien cells from meteorite they've been found. Those creatures have been successfully created such as mutant frogs/spawn frogs, multi-armed bipeds/raptors, giant spiders, and tank rhinos. However, something bad happens, the aliens plan to escape from their cage while using teleporter device as their plans. Protagonist task to eliminated the aliens inside of abandoned experiment lab places.As the protagonist explores the lab, the root of the problem is revealed to be a malfunction with an experimental teleportation device. Somehow, the aliens have managed to flood through en masse, killing the scientist and guards who were working in the lab. Delving deeper into the complex, the protagonist encounters ever more powerful aliens, and realizes that all the teleporters must be destroyed. The game reaches its conclusion when the protagonist has eliminated all of the aliens and destroyed all the teleporters in the laboratory.

The sequel retains the classic character pumping system and real-time combat. In the course of the quests, users will visit many dark places that need to be carefully explored, as you can always find a valuable weapon, ammunition, medicine and other consumables. Besides the basic story mode, the player can also try their hand at survival mode, in which they have to resist endless attacks of aggressive aliens. 041b061a72


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