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1000x1500 Office Building Picture">

Our wide range of project types include, but are not limited to, multi-family housing, schools, high-end office buildings, places of worship, youth activity and recreation centers, medical testing facilities, data centers and museums. Precision works for both public and private clients, and specialize in projects that involve working closely with the owner and their design team starting early on in each project.

1000x1500 Office Building Picture">

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When you think of sightseeing, you likely imagine some cultural landmark that exhibits an unequivocal beauty and grandeur. But would you ever think that you could find those traits in a post office building?

Because of their vital importance throughout history, post offices have inhabited some of the most stunning buildings. Though many have closed down or have been demolished, there are some that are many still functioning today.

Formerly known as the Federal Building and Post Office, the New York landmark was renamed in honor of chief bankruptcy judge Conrad B. Duberstein. You could say it looks more like a castle than a post office building with its scenic towers made of gray granite and its architectural details boasting of a Romanesque expression.

Otherwise known as the GPO, the General Post Office of Kolkata is a magnificent white building with Corinthian columns along its side and a prominent dome at its front. It serves as the central post office of Kolkata.

Rather than a typical administrative building, the Grand Post Office in Algiers could be compared to a grand palace. What has become one of the most iconic monuments in the Algerian capital, this post office building is unlike any other buildings in its area.

If your image has a human face in it, then the bar for what is considered a quality print is higher than say an image of an office building. As humans, we are very attuned to the human face, and we are much more sensitive to blurriness or pixilation in images that contain faces. 041b061a72


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