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The Ultimate Companion Book for Fablehaven Fans: The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven Epub 45

The Caretakers Guide To Fablehaven Epub 45

If you are a fan of fantasy books, you might have heard of Fablehaven, a bestselling series by Brandon Mull. But did you know that there is a companion book that explores every detail of this magical world? It's called The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven, and it's a must-have for anyone who loves Fablehaven. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing book, and how you can get it in epub format.

The Caretakers Guide To Fablehaven Epub 45


What is Fablehaven?

Fablehaven is a series of five books that follows the adventures of Kendra and Seth Sorenson, two siblings who discover that their grandparents are the caretakers of a secret preserve for mythical creatures. There, they encounter fairies, trolls, witches, dragons, demons, and many other wonders and dangers. Along with their friends and allies, they must protect Fablehaven from evil forces that seek to destroy it.

What is The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven?

The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is a companion book that was published in 2015, seven years after the last book in the series. It is an encyclopedia of everything related to Fablehaven, from artifacts and items to creatures and locations. It also includes tips and advice for aspiring caretakers, quizzes and trivia to test your knowledge, and fold-out pages that reveal hidden secrets. The book is written by Brandon Mull himself, with illustrations by Brandon Dorman.

Artifacts and Items

One of the sections in The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is about artifacts and items, which are objects that have magical properties or functions. Some examples are:

  • The Sands Of Sanctity: A vial of sand that can heal any wound or illness.

  • The Translocator: A device that can teleport the user to any location within Fablehaven.

  • The Chronometer: A watch that can manipulate time, such as pausing, reversing, or speeding it up.

  • The Oculus: A mirror that can show the user anything they want to see, such as the past, the future, or distant places.

  • The Sphinx's Nail: A nail that can open any lock or door, even if it's enchanted or protected.


Another section in The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is about creatures, which are living beings that belong to the realm of fantasy. Some examples are:

  • Fairies: Small winged beings that can grant wishes, but also have a mischievous side.

  • Trolls: Large hairy beings that live under bridges and demand tolls from travelers.

  • Witches: Human-like beings that practice magic, often for evil purposes.

  • Unicorns: Horse-like beings with horns that can heal with their touch and purify with their tears.

  • Satyrs: Half-human, half-goat beings that love music and dancing.


A third section in The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is about demons, which are evil entities that seek to destroy or corrupt everything they touch. Some examples are:

  • Graulas: The leader of the Society of the Evening Star, a group of villains that want to unleash the demons from their prisons.

  • Navarog: The prince of dragons, a powerful and ruthless beast that can breathe fire and fly.

  • Muriel: A witch who made a deal with a demon lord to gain immortality and power.

  • Kurisock: A spider-like demon that can spin webs of darkness and poison.

  • Zzyzx: The name of the prison where the most dangerous demons are locked away, as well as the name of the demon king who rules over them.


A fourth section in The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is about dragons, which are majestic beasts that have different abilities and personalities. Some examples are:

  • Raxtus: A friendly and playful dragon who is the son of Navarog and a fairy dragon. He can turn invisible and breathe rainbow fire.

  • Celeste: A wise and gentle dragon who is the guardian of Wyrmroost, one of the dragon sanctuaries. She can communicate telepathically and heal with her breath.

  • Agad: A powerful and ancient dragon who is the founder of Fablehaven and the leader of the Knights of the Dawn, a group of heroes that oppose the Society of the Evening Star. He can shapeshift into a human form and wield magic.

  • Nafia: A cunning and greedy dragon who is the queen of Terrabelle, one of the fairy realms. She can control plants and animals with her voice.

  • Gavin: A mysterious and charming dragon who is the grandson of Agad and the love interest of Kendra. He can disguise himself as a human and breathe ice fire.


A fifth section in The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is about locations, which are places that have magical significance or features. Some examples are:

  • Fablehaven: The main setting of the series, a secret preserve for mythical creatures located in Connecticut, USA.

  • The Fairy Queen's Shrine: A sacred place where the Fairy Queen resides, and where Kendra can communicate with her.

  • The Inverted Tower: A hidden place where a powerful artifact called the Eternals lies, and where Seth unleashes a plague of shadow creatures by accident.

  • Wyrmroost: One of the seven dragon sanctuaries in the world, where Kendra and Seth go to find a hidden artifact called the Key to the Dragon Temple.

  • The Dreamstone: A magical stone that can show the user their deepest desires or fears, depending on their mood.


A sixth section in The Caretaker's Guide To Fablehaven is about wizards, which are humans who have mastered magic and use it for good or evil. Some examples are:

  • Patterson: A friendly and helpful wizard who works as a caretaker at Fablehaven. He specializes in potions and charms.

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